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Jay Parade

Charleston, WV

“If their eclectic set doesn’t bring a smile to your face and get your tired bones shaking, you may want to consult a physician.”
Steve Wandling
Charleston Music and Arts Collective

Jay Parade is a three-piece punk band from Charleston, WV. The band began playing together as teenagers when they were members of their high school’s show choir backup band. After high school, the three friends went their separate ways but reconnected in late 2016. The group started writing, rehearsing, and made their public debut in October 2017. Jay Parade released their first EP, Crying Over Spilt Coffee, in March 2018.

Sonically, Jay Parade is reminiscent of other punk power trios. Green Day, Alkaline Trio, and Jawbreaker are cited as some of the band’s biggest influences. The band also incorporates some ska and progressive elements to round out their sound. Jay Parade recently finished recording their first full-length LP which was released July 3, 2020.